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Building skills under pressure -

7 challenges facing L&D right now, 7 areas of best practice to share and develop. This resource addresses L&D skills.

Beginners Guide to e-Learning Standards

An introduction to e-learning standards - what are they and what questions should be ask before investing in learning technologies? This resource is useful if you are getting started.

Learning and Performance Institute Capability Map

The LPI Capability Map is an online self assessment tool for L&D professionals designed to record and develop your capabilities against a more

Supporting small business skills needs

Lessons from large organisations - part 1. This resource addresses strategy, learners, platforms, informal learning, social media and small business.

Quick Introduction to Towards Maturity

Training Journal published an overview the Towards Maturity project in E-learning. We reproduce this here with a summary of the article as a more

Collaborative learning at work

Who is using collaborative learning technologies, to what extent and how? This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses learner support, collaboration and social media.

Social Bookmarking - organising your web resources

An introduction to social bookmarking.

Excellence in Compliance

Lessons in compliance, read about seven key benefits achieved by organisations using e-learning to deliver better compliance training.This more

Introducing Virtual Worlds

What are Virtual Worlds and why should businesses invest in them for learning purposes? This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses platforms, serious games and social media.

Releasing Potential: learning through people and technology

A roundup from the British Institute for Learning and Development's 2009 conference - thinking about the future and how to get there! This resource looks at innovation.

Virtual Worlds - a serious learning contender?

Virtual Worlds are here to stay, saving enterprises millions of pounds; what use will trainers make of them? This resource addresses strategy, platforms and serious games.

Unionlearn-a hidden asset to support e-learning adoption?

How unions might help employers leverage their investment in learning technologies and engage their more vulnerable workers. This resource is more

L&D 2020: the future of workplace learning

Debbie Carter from TJ outlines the results of their ongoing research into the future of workplace learning. This resource addresses strategy, alignment and social media.

10 years on...the e-learning debate continues

In the aftermath of the Oxford Union's 2009 e-learning debate - some reflections on the need for change! This resource looks at social media.

Evidence for change - October Update

Supporting your business case - Hard facts from 8 organisations that evidence the impact of learning technologies. This resource addresses more

An Introduction to Personal Learning Environments

Karen Velasco outlines how PLEs can meet the informal & social learning needs of 21st Century learners. This resource addresses social media and collaboration.

Learning innovation in the public sector

Is it time for L&D staff in the public sector to take 'immediate and decisive action' of our own? This resource addresses strategy, social media and managing change.

L&D Benchmarks - is time to raise the bar?!

How L&D can use benchmarking to raise the bar in terms of performance, products and strategic direction. This resource addresses strategy and managing change.

Back to Basics

1/5th of the UK population has never been online - How does this impact your e-learning strategy and what can you do about it? This resource addresses basic skills and induction.

Launch of 2010-11 Towards Maturity Benchmark survey

L&D must seize the day or risk losing credibility says new Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey