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In-Focus: 70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind The Numbers (2016)

Towards Maturity has been deconstructing the activities behind the model for many years to understand the extent to which the principles have more

In-Focus: The Consumer Learner at Work (2016)

Brand-new research sheds light on what motivates learners to invest in online learning. 70% of L&D are not proactive in understanding more

The University of Cambridge Postgraduate Diploma in Training, Learning & Development

Paul Jagger takes a look at a new qualification for senior L&D professionals. This resource addresses leadership skills.

E-learning helps the Royal Yachting Association to navigate its way to success
29 Apr 2013 - 406.6 KB

The Royal Yachting Association uses learning technologies to overcome some considerable barriers in its quest to gain External Regulation more

Do something different tomorrow! Engage learners with new ways of learning
12 Sep 2011 - 124.9 KB

Organisations successful in embedding new ways of learning in their business are those able to encourage their learners (staff) along a more

Do something different tomorrow! Raise awareness, overcome objections and think like a marketer
12 Sep 2011 - 113.4 KB

This document contains top tips from our research that will help you implement learning technologies more effectively.  Learn how you can more

Online Meetings – A facilitator’s guide
12 Jul 2011 - 881.6 KB

These are early days for online meetings, so we can expect best practice to evolve, ingenious new features to be added to the available systems, more

Live Online Learning – a facilitators guide
12 Jul 2011 - 952.6 KB

Virtual classrooms provide a fantastic opportunity for any organisation that wants to get more training done more cheaply, particularly more

E-learning Skills Matrix
12 Jul 2011 - 206.1 KB

This skills matrix has been designed by Onlignment to help organisations to assess the impact of e-learning on the roles of learning & more

Nick Shackleton-Jones discusses the changing skills of L&D professionals

Nick Shackleton-Jones (BBC now BP)outlines his personal learning journey and views on the opportunities for L&D in the future. This resourceis more

More than Instructional Design - course review

Read our independent review of Trainer1's course - for finding out the basics in creating and evaluating self paced content. This resource is more

English as a Second Language - at Hilton, Deloitte and ArcelorMittal

Three organisations share their experiences with 'English as a Second Language'. This resource addresses culture, going global, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness and communicating benefits.

Skills of Project Management

Ten top tips for Project Managers - plus four articles. This resource is useful to get started, it addresses managing change and marketing.

L&D Benchmarks - is time to raise the bar?!

How L&D can use benchmarking to raise the bar in terms of performance, products and strategic direction. This resource addresses strategy and managing change.

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

Pratical hints and tips for on-line classroom tutors from a leading UK expert. This resource addresses social media, collaboration, blended learning and platforms.

33 reasons why e-learning projects fail

Many large and small scale e-learning projects fail. What are the reasons? This resource is useful for those getting started, it addresses strategy, more

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning

New free e-book to help close the e-learning skills gap from Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton. Ideal for all trainers looking to get to grips with when to use different media

Courses and resources to help you building skills in e-learning

Links to resources, courses and communities to keep your skills up to date ( updated Oct 10) This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses blended learning and qualifications.

Building 21st century L&D skills at Cheshire ICT Services

Award winning learning technology on a budget at Cheshire ICT Services-how staff updated their web 2 skills and confidence. This resource more