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Case study: supporting customers at LV=

9 tips for L&D leaders to create and support collaborative learning

Pushing the Boundaries of Learning Innovation at PwC

This award winning case study shows how the Learning Technology and Transformatin  team partnered internally to launch a new more

In-Focus: 70+20+10=100: The Evidence Behind The Numbers (2016)

Towards Maturity has been deconstructing the activities behind the model for many years to understand the extent to which the principles have more

In-Focus: The Consumer Learner at Work (2016)

Brand-new research sheds light on what motivates learners to invest in online learning. 70% of L&D are not proactive in understanding more

Leadership Learning innovation at Eversheds

Eversheds, a progressive, international law firm, is a wonderful example of how an organisation takes its reputation for innovation and ' more

Case Study: Peer to Peer Social Learning in Action at Sante Fe Group

The Santa Fe Group provides services to business to support international growth. Faced with the merger of three companies into one, more

Case Study: Delivering the Kindest Care at HC-One

The blended learning programme that is helping HC-One deliver the kindest care didn't just win the hearts and minds of the eLearning age judges more

The Towards Maturity Learner Voice - part 1 April 2014
14 Jul 2014 - 1009.3 KB

The Learner Voice is a new Towards Maturity series designed to help L&D managers challenge their assumptions about workplace learning and more

Learning in the mobile enterprise
4 Mar 2014 - 936.3 KB

Practical perspectives from the 2013-14 Towards Maturity Benchmark to help improve workforce efficiency and increase business agility.

Boots Casestudy 2013
5 Aug 2013 - 1.31 MB

In recognition of what was achieved when a small in-house learning technology team had a clear corporate vision but limited resources to respond more

In-Focus Report Embedding Learning in the Workflow
5 Jul 2013 - 2.26 MB

New In-Focus report looks at 5 practical ideas for embedding learning into the workflow bringing together the latest benchmark data and more

Reinventing Leadership Development June 2011
19 Apr 2012 - 974.6 KB

This benchmark with 200 organisations shares lessons on media currently being used to support leadership development with surprising insights into learner preferences.

Introducing social learning at Dixon

How Dixon Retail's strong online learning culture paved the way for a  successful launch of social learning with video

Charles Jennings describes 70:20:10

Great video with evidence to help you open up the conversation about the importance of learning in context, supporting performance and shifting the balance of formal and informal learning

Learning Technology boosts business results at Dixons Retail

This story outlines how Dixon Retail journey with learning technologies has evolved. It considers practical lessons learned as they more

Frontline - elearning for customer support

How the library service changed front line behaviour of staff using blended learning supported by peers. This resource addresses blended learning, more

Media Chemistry – Exploring the elements of online communication
12 Jul 2011 - 874.3 KB

All online communication, whether that's published content, live online events or social media, make use of the same key media elements: text, audio, more


Blended learning approach at BMW. This resource addresses strategy, blended learning, learners, qualifications, compliance, productivity, culture, more

Crown Prosecution Service

Moving to a blended learning approach at Prosecution College. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, learners, compliance, more

Positive Podcasting

Donald Taylor shares ideas to help get started with podcasting that are still relevant today. This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses custom content, mobile and social media.

BBC interview- video podcast summary

Nick Shackleton Jones discusses formal and informal learning at the BBC. This resource addresses blended learning, informal learning, social learning and collaboration.

BBC interview Part 1

Nick Shackleton Jones Part 1 (Audio full length Podcast). This resource addresses blended learning, informal learning, social learning and collaboration.

Reuters Interview Part 1

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. Part 1. This resource more

Reuters Interview Part 2

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. Part 2. This resource more

Reuters (Video Short summary)

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. short video summary. This more

Supporting small business skills needs

Lessons from large organisations - part 1. This resource addresses strategy, learners, platforms, informal learning, social media and small business.

Coca-Cola- virtual Leadership programme

Modeling virtual leadership using vitual classroom technology. This resource addresses custom content, leadership skills, collaboration, more

LB Brent - e-learning on a budget

LB Brent - finalist in 2006 e-learning award for e-learning on a budget. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, informal learning and social media.

London Gifted & Talented - a learning community that works

Learn from the successful experience of 800 learners in 382 locations who are actively engaged in learning from each other on-line. This more

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Cruising for excellence (video)

Michelle Russell and David Chidley outline their award winning strategies for sustaining interest amongst their learners. ( Video) This more

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Cruising for Success

Award winning programme to engage travel partners and boost revenue. This resource addresses learner support, marketing, collaboration, job aids, social media and learner engagement.

Collaborative learning at work

Who is using collaborative learning technologies, to what extent and how? This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses learner support, collaboration and social media.

Social Bookmarking - organising your web resources

An introduction to social bookmarking.

Fully accessible e-learning at BT

BT‚ collaborative authoring system ensures compliance with the company‚Äôs commitment to accessibility. This resource addresses learners, compliance, custom content, collaboration and social media.

Building Business Performance with Social Media

Jane Hart provides expert advice on how to get started with social media. This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses, collaboration, informal learning and social media.

Introducing Virtual Worlds

What are Virtual Worlds and why should businesses invest in them for learning purposes? This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses platforms, serious games and social media.

Exploring e-learning in the travel industry

Lars Hyland (Brightwave) explores how e-learning helps build trust and improve customer care at BA and TUI. This resource addresses culture, social media and platforms.

The Dental Channel introduces virtual classroom

Webinars saves the dental profession an estimated £1/4 million pounds; and learnt many valuable lessons. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, going global and social media.

Introducing web conferencing

A new Towards Maturity paper introducing web conferencing - one of the fastest growing learning technologies around today. This resource is useful more

Making Web Conferences Exciting

How to convert classroom skills to live online learning skills - and be brilliant at it! Expert advice from Phil Green. This resource addresses blended learning, social media and learner engagement.

Nick Shackleton-Jones discusses the changing skills of L&D professionals

Nick Shackleton-Jones (BBC now BP)outlines his personal learning journey and views on the opportunities for L&D in the future. This resourceis more

Implementing Social Learning

BBC Radio 4's In Business series looks at practical considerations for implementing social learning - well worth a listen! This resource is useful more

L&D 2020: the future of workplace learning

Debbie Carter from TJ outlines the results of their ongoing research into the future of workplace learning. This resource addresses strategy, alignment and social media.

An Introduction to Personal Learning Environments

Karen Velasco outlines how PLEs can meet the informal & social learning needs of 21st Century learners. This resource addresses social media and collaboration.

How does UK learning technology use really compare with the US?

We take a look at latest research from the ASTD to see how UK application of learning technology compares with the US. This resource is usefull more

Learning innovation in the public sector

Is it time for L&D staff in the public sector to take 'immediate and decisive action' of our own? This resource addresses strategy, social media and managing change.

Preliminary findings from TM 2010 Benchmark now released

Initial findings from UK's most comprehensive learning technology benchmark now available. This resource addresses social media.

Linking Learning to Business - original research 2004

Original research looking at the characteristics of successful e-learning implementations and insights into learner thinking. This resource more

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (1)

The secret of quality virtual classroom delivery: preparation, preparation, preparation. This resource addresses is useful if you are more

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

Pratical hints and tips for on-line classroom tutors from a leading UK expert. This resource addresses social media, collaboration, blended learning and platforms.

Improving sales, delivering value and managing talent at IBM

IBM share practical ideas for harnessing technology, delivering value and managing talent from their own experience. This resource more

The five secrets of instructional design

Clive Shepherd shares 5 'secrets' of great instructional design with Towards Maturity readers. This resource addresses blended learning and social media.

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning

New free e-book to help close the e-learning skills gap from Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton. Ideal for all trainers looking to get to grips with when to use different media

BT Dares to Share

Follow the next step in BT's e-learning journey as they build the business case for social learning. This resource addresses learners, alignment and social media.

Building 21st century L&D skills at Cheshire ICT Services

Award winning learning technology on a budget at Cheshire ICT Services-how staff updated their web 2 skills and confidence. This resource more

Jane Harts top 100 tools for learning

How are you keeping your own learning up to date? Try something new from Jane Hart's list of top 100 learning tools! This resource addresses social media.

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