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In-Focus: Making an Impact: How L&D Leaders Can Demonstrate Value (2016)

Technology is changing the way we work and the speed at which we work. Data is now widely available to inform decision-making, improve operations more

How to Demonstrate Value: Tips from 100 L&D Professionals at #LTSF16

We ran a workshop at the 2016 LT Summer Forum on how L&D leaders can demonstrate value. Here's what 100 practitioners came up with.

In-Focus Building Staff Engagement 2015

7 tips for building staff engagement - updated from 2014

InFocus Building Staff Engagement 2014
14 Jul 2014 - 5.24 MB

In TM's InFocus report we ask if a technology-enabled learning strategy help organisations engage employees more effectively? Unsurprisingly we more

Case Study: Delivering learning excellence at Barnardo’s

Barnardo's won the Charity Learning Award 2011 for the Best overall eLearning programme and went on to win a bronze in The Learning & more

Case Study: Thomson Reuters Links Learning to Business Success

Creating a learning experience that not only attracts staff but is also based in the ‘real world' - connecting to the working environment, more

Case Study: Worldmark Puts its Stamp on Synchronous E-Learning

Winner: Best use of synchronous e-learning: Worldmark International Worldmark originally developed synchronous e-learning more

Case Study: Peer to Peer Social Learning in Action at Sante Fe Group

The Santa Fe Group provides services to business to support international growth. Faced with the merger of three companies into one, more

Case Study: Delivering the Kindest Care at HC-One

The blended learning programme that is helping HC-One deliver the kindest care didn't just win the hearts and minds of the eLearning age judges more

Exploring e-learning

Brian Runciman from the BCS explores how to get started with e-learning with Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton. This resource addresses getting started.

Thought Leadership series with ThirdForce - research into Skills for Life

Thought Leadership' series with key industry insights and updates from ThirdForce, beginning with research on Skills for Life. This resource addresses leadership.

Beginners Guide to e-Learning Standards

An introduction to e-learning standards - what are they and what questions should be ask before investing in learning technologies? This resource is useful if you are getting started.

Interview with ST Microelectronics and Relay Consultants

Phil Morris of ST Microelectronics and Alex Clark of Relay Consultants about the success of e-learning with changing behaviour of technical more

Barnardos delivers e-learning excellence

This is the story of how Barnardos, UK's much-loved children's charity, creatively harnessed technology to improve service delivery and more

Thomson Reuters finds the recipe that ensures its learning is linked to business success.
26 Sep 2012 - 1.57 MB

Discover what it takes to enable elearning and mangement to combine in order to increase business responsiveness.

How to guide premium– 8 content marketing tips
14 Jul 2014 - 699.2 KB

Here are 8 lessons from Content Marketing to Help L&D Leaders Engage Time-Starved Learners

Grabbing the attention of time starved learners - Laura Overton LT summer forum 2014
14 Jul 2014 - 8.8 MB

How L&D can apply 8 killer tips from Content Marketing to engage busy staff?
This interactive session, first presented at the more

Reinvigorating Compliance Training
4 Jul 2013 - 1.1 MB

Towards Maturity Research with 136 businesses in2013 highlight effective practices for implementing compliance training.

Characteristics of a successful Learning Technology Strategist
20 May 2013 - 157.3 KB

Cable & Wireless prove that during times of change, e-learning can bring significant cost savings, business results and innovation!

Communication confidence – building the foundations for global change at Arrow Electronics
29 Apr 2013 - 2.7 MB

Arrow Electronics provides electronic components and computing solutions around the world, and like many multinational businesses, it needs more

E-learning helps the Royal Yachting Association to navigate its way to success
29 Apr 2013 - 406.6 KB

The Royal Yachting Association uses learning technologies to overcome some considerable barriers in its quest to gain External Regulation more

Reinventing Leadership Development - Full Report 2011
6 Mar 2013 - 2.33 MB

Towards Maturity Communication Plan Template
20 Mar 2013 - 666 KB

Template to accompany the HOW To Build an effective communicaitons plan

When e-learning becomes a matter of life and death!
11 Mar 2013 - 863.7 KB

Gold e-learning 2012 award winners Startraq's ground breaking driving safety programme increases road safety and saves many lives.

Reinventing Leadership Development - Exec Summary 2011
6 Mar 2013 - 2.05 MB

Howden’s use of creative flair to ensure eLearning leads to business success.

Want to find out how e-learning can boost productivity, cut costs and create a happy workforce? Yes, it is possible, read on...

Introducing social learning at Dixon

How Dixon Retail's strong online learning culture paved the way for a  successful launch of social learning with video

Towards Maturity 2010 Learning Technology Benchmark

Full results of the 2010 benchmark survey. This resource addresses managing change, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness and communicating benefits.

Frontline - elearning for customer support

How the library service changed front line behaviour of staff using blended learning supported by peers. This resource addresses blended learning, more

Do something different tomorrow! Raise awareness, overcome objections and think like a marketer
12 Sep 2011 - 113.4 KB

This document contains top tips from our research that will help you implement learning technologies more effectively.  Learn how you can more

Tips on finding web resources to help you create great marketing and communications

If you are looking to get noticed and increase buy-in for your learning resources, then you need to first work on your message - who are more

More practical tips for engaging learners and managers

90 participants in a Learning and Skills group workshop provide practical ideas for those wanting to improve business engagement. This more

Towards Maturity Headstart Programme
19 Aug 2011 - 119.8 KB

The Towards Maturity Headstart Programme is an in more

Tips for establishing a local champion network from the National Autistic society

Many organisations flounder when

introducing self-paced learning materials

for the first time more

way to engage local champions to

provide crucial support and pave the way

for success. They've made a big impact

at the start of their journey and already have top tips to share. read less

Management learning goes according to Plan

Plan, one of the largest international development charities in the world, reports continuing success with its management development more

Introducing the Towards Maturity Model

HOW TO create an effective communications campaign
20 Jan 2011 - 109.9 KB

This HOW TO provides 8 practical steps to help build a communications campaign that gets your learning project noticed. This resource more

NHS Information Authority

The original case study highlighting benefits of delivering ECDL training through e-learning. This resource addresses learners, blended learning, more

Crown Prosecution Service

Moving to a blended learning approach at Prosecution College. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, learners, compliance, more

BAE systems learning journey

A journey towards e-learning maturity. This resource addresses going global and job aids.

Reuters Interview Part 1

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. Part 1. This resource more

Reuters Interview Part 2

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. Part 2. This resource more

Reuters (Video Short summary)

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. short video summary. This more

The Dental Chanel increases e-learning Takeup

Good examples of marketing to attract dentists on the high street. This resource addresses learners, ensuring engagement and marketing. use e-learning to prevent future crisis

Winner of widespread adoption award for engaging with e-learning. This resource addresses learners, marketing, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness and communicating feedback.

Cadburys Schweppes - reskilling dispersed audiences fast!

How Cadbury's Schweppes embedded learning into the roll out of their new performance management system. This resource addresses learner support, more

Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Supporting and engaging learners. This resource addresses learners, learner support, marketing, rapid development and IT skills.

NHS ‚Expanding training for Radiologists

Elearning for Health (ElfH) deliver 600 hrs of high quality learning in a great collaborative project. This resource addresses blended learning, more

Quick Introduction to Towards Maturity

Training Journal published an overview the Towards Maturity project in E-learning. We reproduce this here with a summary of the article as a more

Clive Shepherd Podcast Part 2

Clive Shepherd interview part 2. This resource addresses blended learning.

Clive Shepherd Podcast Part 1

Clive Shepherd discusses what Learning and Development professionals need to know in the future world of learning to survive - interview part 1. This resource addresses blended learning.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Cruising for excellence (video)

Michelle Russell and David Chidley outline their award winning strategies for sustaining interest amongst their learners. ( Video) This more

Superquinn - new skills for Irish supermarket staff

e-learning award winner for widespread adoption 2007. This resource addresses managing change, marketing, motivation, managers support, culture and learner engagement.

Making your e-learning garden grow

Lessons from award winners to encourage widespread adoption - contributed by Information Transfer. This resource is useful if you are more

Transforming a Business - the e-learning Journey @ Cable&Wireless

One of the biggest business turnarounds attempted in British Industry in the last 50 years. This resource addresses strategy, alignment, rapid development and going global.

Transforming Customer Service at Johnson Controls

This fascinating case study provides insight on a shared transformation plan between Johnson Controls (JCI) and Barclays Bank. This more

A Master Class - Hibernia College and Pfizer breaking new ground

Hibernia College & Pfizer breaking new ground with an Online Master of Science Degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine. This resource addresses more

Cable and Wireless Part 1 of 2

In Podcast 1 we explore with Mike Booth how e-learning has evolved at Cable&Wireless as part of the business transformation strategy. This more

Cable and Wireless Part 2 of 2

In this 2nd Podcast we conclude our discussion with Mike Booth on the e-learning journey at Cable&Wireless. This resource addresses strategy, more

Professional Institute (IRRV) improves Local Authority and DWP staff skills

Read how professional institutes are a gateway to improved staff skills. This resource addresses custom content, marketing, collaboration, measuring effectiveness and social media.

Driving change at Toyota Motor Europe

This award winning implementation looks at practical tips for supporting and engaging diverse audiences. This resource addresses platforms, custom content, managing change and going global.

Building Change Management Capability using Blended Learning

Examples from Changefirst on how to build change management capability using learning technologies in a blended approach. This resource addresses strategy, blended learning and managing change.

Royal Shakespeare Company get started with compliance

Royal Shakespeare Company acts to introduce e-learning with compliance to Health and Safety. This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses compliance and generic content.

International aid agency PLAN delivers leadership training

An award winning case study of a Truly Global Innovative Blend by PLAN. This resource addresses blended learning, qualifications, going global and culture.

NCALT - award winning e-learning

NCALT stormed the 2008 e-learning awards with their approach to delivering e-learning in the Police - find out how. This resource more

Embedding elearning in large companies - Ufi Oct 2004

Part of the original research base behind TM's current research programme. This resource addresses alignment, learners, managing change and involving learners.

Comparing attitudes of staff and training professionals

This great research from Cegos highlights the gap between what employees across Europe want from learning and what HR are delivering. This resource addresses learners and going global.

British Airways delivers next generation learning

This interview with Wendy Stubbs, explores how BA delivers business value with learning technology and achieve efficiencies of 80%. This more

Introducing e-learning to SABMiller

How SABMiller made a great first impression when they introduced learning technologies to their European operation for the first time! This more

Nick Shackleton-Jones discusses the changing skills of L&D professionals

Nick Shackleton-Jones (BBC now BP)outlines his personal learning journey and views on the opportunities for L&D in the future. This resourceis more

Liverpools taxi drivers learn on the move

Innovative partnerships from the BLOOM project brings skills for life learning into the driving seat, literally! This resource addresses more

Introducing Bupas performance zone

Performance Zone - the innovative application of technology is the heart of Online Learning @ Bupa. This resource addresses learner engagement, empowerment and marketing.

Devon County Council improves efficiency with web conferencing

Large scale restructuring inspired learning innovation that is delivering results and saving money! This resource is useful if you are more

Unionlearn-a hidden asset to support e-learning adoption?

How unions might help employers leverage their investment in learning technologies and engage their more vulnerable workers. This resource is more

More than Instructional Design - course review

Read our independent review of Trainer1's course - for finding out the basics in creating and evaluating self paced content. This resource is more

First Group explain how they got started

Pt 2 of our Podcast with Niall Gavin of First Group explains how they are getting started with learning technologies. This resource is ueful to get started.

Building Foundations for Growth at the Priory Group

How L&D staff at Priory Group used learning technologies to build strong foundations for business growth and save £9 mill over 5 years. This more

English as a Second Language - at Hilton, Deloitte and ArcelorMittal

Three organisations share their experiences with 'English as a Second Language'. This resource addresses culture, going global, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness and communicating benefits.

Determining the ROI of an Online English as a Second Language Program

Determining the ROI of an Online English as a Second Language Program research paper. This resource addresses going global, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness and communicating benefits. deliver Infection Control Training

The success of effective marketing strategies promoting a quality product. This resource addresses alignment, motivation, marketing and custom content.

Skills of Project Management

Ten top tips for Project Managers - plus four articles. This resource is useful to get started, it addresses managing change and marketing.

Award Winning e-learning from Care Management Group

How Care Management Group implemented e-learning from scratch, generating savings in excess of £300,000 per year. This resource addresses compliance, more

How does UK learning technology use really compare with the US?

We take a look at latest research from the ASTD to see how UK application of learning technology compares with the US. This resource is usefull more

Top tips from Learning Technologies 2010

Here are some of the top tips that we gathered from this year's Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition! This resource addresses managing change

Award Winning e-learning at E-FLI

Award Winning e-Learning takes off at E-FLI. This resource addresses custom content, managing change and marketing.

Impact of Leadership at Hammonds Furniture

Great business return from simple learning technology when the CEO gets involved. This resource addresses blended learning, managing change, managers support and involving managers.

E-learning budget on the increase in the voluntary sector

Press release announcing latest Towards Maturity e-Learning Benchmark for the Charity and Voluntary Sector. This resource addresses

National School of Government reaches ¼ million learners

Delivering learning to 320 different organisations; widespread adoption guaranteed at 20p a learner. This resource addresses managing change and learner engagement.

Justice Academy at MoJ

Strategic development of an on-line academy at the Ministry of Justice delivers results. This resource addresses strategy, managing change, marketing and blended learning.

Learning innovation in the public sector

Is it time for L&D staff in the public sector to take 'immediate and decisive action' of our own? This resource addresses strategy, social media and managing change.

Minimising Fraud Risk at Legal & General

Creative e-learning Minimising the Risk of Fraud @ Legal & General. This resource addresses compliance, culture and change.

Legal & General talk about Minimising Fraud Risk

David Lockett & Kelly Bush from Legal & General talk about Minimising Fraud Risk via e-learning. This resource addresses compliance, culture and change.

L&D Benchmarks - is time to raise the bar?!

How L&D can use benchmarking to raise the bar in terms of performance, products and strategic direction. This resource addresses strategy and managing change.

Back to Basics

1/5th of the UK population has never been online - How does this impact your e-learning strategy and what can you do about it? This resource addresses basic skills and induction.

Preliminary findings from TM 2010 Benchmark now released

Initial findings from UK's most comprehensive learning technology benchmark now available. This resource addresses social media.

Linking Learning to Business - original research 2004

Original research looking at the characteristics of successful e-learning implementations and insights into learner thinking. This resource more

Delivering results in global organisations

Implementing learning technologies successfully in diverse organisations - lessons from TM plenary at Online Educa Berlin. This resource more

Improving the Take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities

Improving the take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities by engaging time starved staff and line managers. This resource addresses marketing, more

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

Pratical hints and tips for on-line classroom tutors from a leading UK expert. This resource addresses social media, collaboration, blended learning and platforms.

Improving sales, delivering value and managing talent at IBM

IBM share practical ideas for harnessing technology, delivering value and managing talent from their own experience. This resource more

Impact - Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning

Towards Maturity benchmark research has been published in inaugural copy of new journal from ELNET Australia. This resource addresses strategy and measuring value.

33 reasons why e-learning projects fail

Many large and small scale e-learning projects fail. What are the reasons? This resource is useful for those getting started, it addresses strategy, more

Cable & Wireless Worldwides flexible learning for business advantage

Practical ideas on to ensure learning is responsive to changing business priorities- find out more (+ meet Mike Booth at WOLCE 2010). This more

L&D 2020 - a guide for next decade

Free e-book by Martyn Sloman launched at 5th Annual TJ conference explores how L&D professionals need to operate in 21st century. This more

HOW TO work with external e-learning experts

Looking for external experts to support you in your e-learning journey? Take a look at this checklist to help you get best value.

Making an impact with learning technologies - tricks for grabbing management attention

This resource addresses managing change, marketing and involving managers.

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