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In-Focus: Making an Impact: How L&D Leaders Can Demonstrate Value (2016)

Technology is changing the way we work and the speed at which we work. Data is now widely available to inform decision-making, improve operations more

How to Demonstrate Value: Tips from 100 L&D Professionals at #LTSF16

We ran a workshop at the 2016 LT Summer Forum on how L&D leaders can demonstrate value. Here's what 100 practitioners came up with.

The Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional more More than Blended Learning to share this guest blog as part of our #MakeItHappen campaign. Clive has been a long-standing supporter of Towards Maturity providing independent insights that have ensured our reseach continues to evolve. We wholeheartedly endorse the challenges he is making to the industry and establishing a professional attitude is an essential element of equipping our teams for change'  read less

How to deliver business results with game-based learning

How McDonalds used game based learning to train staff on a brand new till system. 

5 Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Using Blended Learning

5 Ways to improve induction and onboarding

Pushing the Boundaries of Learning Innovation at PwC

This award winning case study shows how the Learning Technology and Transformatin  team partnered internally to launch a new more

Performance Consulting - Practical tips from Nigel Harrison

Find out how to use performance consulting to challenge the 'quick fix' syndrome that occurs when business leaders demand a course from L& more

In-Focus: The Consumer Learner at Work (2016)

Brand-new research sheds light on what motivates learners to invest in online learning. 70% of L&D are not proactive in understanding more

L&D: Evolving Roles, Enhancing Skills
15 Apr 2015 - 130.5 KB

Towards Maturity and the CIPD have recently launched a new report L&D Evolving Roles:Enhancing Skills that considers the future direction more

LD Evolving Roles at Barnados
17 Apr 2015 - 105.8 KB

Towards Maturity and the CIPD have recently launched a new report L&D Evolving Roles:Enhancing Skills that considers the future direction more

Leadership Learning innovation at Eversheds

Eversheds, a progressive, international law firm, is a wonderful example of how an organisation takes its reputation for innovation and ' more

Case Study: Delivering the Kindest Care at HC-One

The blended learning programme that is helping HC-One deliver the kindest care didn't just win the hearts and minds of the eLearning age judges more

The University of Cambridge Postgraduate Diploma in Training, Learning & Development

Paul Jagger takes a look at a new qualification for senior L&D professionals. This resource addresses leadership skills.

Interview with ST Microelectronics and Relay Consultants

Phil Morris of ST Microelectronics and Alex Clark of Relay Consultants about the success of e-learning with changing behaviour of technical more

Barnardos delivers e-learning excellence

This is the story of how Barnardos, UK's much-loved children's charity, creatively harnessed technology to improve service delivery and more

More Than Blended Learning

New ‘end-to-end' design approach by Clive Shepherd to transform learning interventions and deliver results. To read about the More more

Towards Maturity 2014 MOOCs Infocus Report
14 Jul 2014 - 1.17 MB

This In Focus Report draws on data from over 500 participants in the 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark in order to explore what aspects of more

Learning and Performance Institute Capability Map

The LPI Capability Map is an online self assessment tool for L&D professionals designed to record and develop your capabilities against a more

Helping individuals practice and Perform
7 Jun 2013 - 1.04 MB

The new Towards Maturity In-Focus Paper sheds light on how to use online experiential learning to build skills at work. This new In-Focus more

Communication confidence – building the foundations for global change at Arrow Electronics
29 Apr 2013 - 2.7 MB

Arrow Electronics provides electronic components and computing solutions around the world, and like many multinational businesses, it needs more

Reinventing Leadership Development June 2011
19 Apr 2012 - 974.6 KB

This benchmark with 200 organisations shares lessons on media currently being used to support leadership development with surprising insights into learner preferences.

Frontline - elearning for customer support

How the library service changed front line behaviour of staff using blended learning supported by peers. This resource addresses blended learning, more

Towards Maturity Headstart Programme
19 Aug 2011 - 119.8 KB

The Towards Maturity Headstart Programme is an in more

HOW TO Identify & Design Great Digital Content

What does exemplary digital learning content look like for Business? Use this check list to help you purchase or develop great content. This resource addresses custom and generic content

Online Meetings – A facilitator’s guide
12 Jul 2011 - 881.6 KB

These are early days for online meetings, so we can expect best practice to evolve, ingenious new features to be added to the available systems, more

Live Online Learning – a facilitators guide
12 Jul 2011 - 952.6 KB

Virtual classrooms provide a fantastic opportunity for any organisation that wants to get more training done more cheaply, particularly more

Media Chemistry – Exploring the elements of online communication
12 Jul 2011 - 874.3 KB

All online communication, whether that's published content, live online events or social media, make use of the same key media elements: text, audio, more

E-learning Skills Matrix
12 Jul 2011 - 206.1 KB

This skills matrix has been designed by Onlignment to help organisations to assess the impact of e-learning on the roles of learning & more

Introducing the Towards Maturity Model

NHS Information Authority

The original case study highlighting benefits of delivering ECDL training through e-learning. This resource addresses learners, blended learning, more


Blended learning approach at BMW. This resource addresses strategy, blended learning, learners, qualifications, compliance, productivity, culture, more

University on the Shop Floor

How the pottery industries collaborated to address common skills needs. This resource addresses blended learning, learners, platforms, opensource, more

Crown Prosecution Service

Moving to a blended learning approach at Prosecution College. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, learners, compliance, more

Informal learning at Student Loans Company

Addressing the learning needs of the google generation. This resource addresses learners, blended learning, learner support, motivation, more

Positive Podcasting

Donald Taylor shares ideas to help get started with podcasting that are still relevant today. This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses custom content, mobile and social media.

Polestars Print Dynamics Programme

Darrin Stevens, Group Training Director at Polestar looks at how they used e-learning to capture knowledge and attract new staff in the more

e-learning at Lloyds TSB

How LLoyds TSB ensures learning technologies touch the reality of learners in the workplace - summary video. This resource addresses learners, more

BBC interview- video podcast summary

Nick Shackleton Jones discusses formal and informal learning at the BBC. This resource addresses blended learning, informal learning, social learning and collaboration.

BBC interview Part 1

Nick Shackleton Jones Part 1 (Audio full length Podcast). This resource addresses blended learning, informal learning, social learning and collaboration.

Open Source Learning Management systems

A new White paper from Epic. This resource addresses platforms and opensource.

Reuters Interview Part 1

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. Part 1. This resource more

Reuters Interview Part 2

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. Part 2. This resource more

Reuters (Video Short summary)

Charles Jennings , previous Head of Global Learning at Reuters shares insights to their future learning needs. short video summary. This more

Supporting small business skills needs

Lessons from large organisations - part 1. This resource addresses strategy, learners, platforms, informal learning, social media and small business.

NHS Wales pilots light touch NVQ

Technology enables delivery of precision IT User skills. This resource addresses blended learning, qualifications, e-assessment, IT skills and empowerment.

CareUK: Winning a return in the care industry

Company expansion underpinned with staff retention improving following new approach to NVQs. This resource addresses strategy, learners, more

Coca-Cola- virtual Leadership programme

Modeling virtual leadership using vitual classroom technology. This resource addresses custom content, leadership skills, collaboration, more

Cadburys Schweppes - reskilling dispersed audiences fast!

How Cadbury's Schweppes embedded learning into the roll out of their new performance management system. This resource addresses learner support, more

LB Brent - e-learning on a budget

LB Brent - finalist in 2006 e-learning award for e-learning on a budget. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, informal learning and social media.

Kirklees Metropolitan Council

Supporting and engaging learners. This resource addresses learners, learner support, marketing, rapid development and IT skills.

e-Learning for Healthcare Podcast Part 1(Audio)

Julia Moore, the National Director of e-Learning for Healthcare in the NHS, gives a fascinating insight into the use of e-learning in more

Blended CHEERS Programme brings Good Health

A classic example of IT systems introduction with improved performance and faster route to competence for new hires. This resource addresses more

Ikea - using learning technologies to find missing stock

Custom content creation to address business needs. This resource addresses custom content, customer care, e-assessment, culture, learner engagement, more

Virgin Atlantic Airways - Excellence in Induction

High quality induction for new hires worldwide, available before joining. This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses more

NHS ‚Expanding training for Radiologists

Elearning for Health (ElfH) deliver 600 hrs of high quality learning in a great collaborative project. This resource addresses blended learning, more

Clive Shepherd Podcast Part 2

Clive Shepherd interview part 2. This resource addresses blended learning.

Clive Shepherd Podcast Part 1

Clive Shepherd discusses what Learning and Development professionals need to know in the future world of learning to survive - interview part 1. This resource addresses blended learning.

London Gifted & Talented - a learning community that works

Learn from the successful experience of 800 learners in 382 locations who are actively engaged in learning from each other on-line. This more

Building effective learning communities

Practical lessons for anyone looking to engage busy learners at work . Observations from the Elearning network Event. This resource more

Transforming a Business - the e-learning Journey @ Cable&Wireless

One of the biggest business turnarounds attempted in British Industry in the last 50 years. This resource addresses strategy, alignment, rapid development and going global.

To Buy or Build Survey

Research Evidence from Red Tray supports 'Towards Maturity' findings. This resource addresses culture, custom content and rapid development.

e-learning benefits lessons from Higher education

Evidence from Higher education on exploring the tangible benefits of e-learning provides interesting insights for business. This resource more

Transforming Customer Service at Johnson Controls

This fascinating case study provides insight on a shared transformation plan between Johnson Controls (JCI) and Barclays Bank. This more

Cable and Wireless Part 1 of 2

In Podcast 1 we explore with Mike Booth how e-learning has evolved at Cable&Wireless as part of the business transformation strategy. This more

Cable and Wireless Part 2 of 2

In this 2nd Podcast we conclude our discussion with Mike Booth on the e-learning journey at Cable&Wireless. This resource addresses strategy, more

Professional Institute (IRRV) improves Local Authority and DWP staff skills

Read how professional institutes are a gateway to improved staff skills. This resource addresses custom content, marketing, collaboration, measuring effectiveness and social media.

Royal Navy revolutionises Engineering Training

The Royal Navy uses e-learning for Modern Apprentices; the result, more practical, shorter course, more leadership skills. This resource more

Fully accessible e-learning at BT

BT‚ collaborative authoring system ensures compliance with the company‚Äôs commitment to accessibility. This resource addresses learners, compliance, custom content, collaboration and social media.

Driving change at Toyota Motor Europe

This award winning implementation looks at practical tips for supporting and engaging diverse audiences. This resource addresses platforms, custom content, managing change and going global.

Games in the Military

Looking to make robust decisions on games for learning? Check out research from defence sector which has lessons for all. This resource addresses platforms, custom content and serious games.

Building Change Management Capability using Blended Learning

Examples from Changefirst on how to build change management capability using learning technologies in a blended approach. This resource addresses strategy, blended learning and managing change.

International aid agency PLAN delivers leadership training

An award winning case study of a Truly Global Innovative Blend by PLAN. This resource addresses blended learning, qualifications, going global and culture.

NCALT - award winning e-learning

NCALT stormed the 2008 e-learning awards with their approach to delivering e-learning in the Police - find out how. This resource more

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks save on compliance

Two major banks cherry pick expertise from the e-learning industry and demonstrate cash savings. This resource addresses compliance, custom content, more

Introducing Virtual Worlds

What are Virtual Worlds and why should businesses invest in them for learning purposes? This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses platforms, serious games and social media.

Exploring e-learning in the travel industry

Lars Hyland (Brightwave) explores how e-learning helps build trust and improve customer care at BA and TUI. This resource addresses culture, social media and platforms.

The Dental Channel introduces virtual classroom

Webinars saves the dental profession an estimated £1/4 million pounds; and learnt many valuable lessons. This resource addresses blended learning, platforms, going global and social media.

Leadership development at the BBC

An ambitious blended learning programme that cut cost and reduced development time by 80% whilst maintaining effectiveness and quality. This more

British Airways delivers next generation learning

This interview with Wendy Stubbs, explores how BA delivers business value with learning technology and achieve efficiencies of 80%. This more

Virtual Environments

Virtual Environments - Insights from the latest BILD Connect Event. This resource addresses serious games.

Creating Engaging and Effective content

In case you missed it, Barry Sampson provides a round up of the eLearning Network event on 8th May. This resource addresses learners and custom content.

Releasing Potential: learning through people and technology

A roundup from the British Institute for Learning and Development's 2009 conference - thinking about the future and how to get there! This resource looks at innovation.

Nick Shackleton-Jones discusses the changing skills of L&D professionals

Nick Shackleton-Jones (BBC now BP)outlines his personal learning journey and views on the opportunities for L&D in the future. This resourceis more

Liverpools taxi drivers learn on the move

Innovative partnerships from the BLOOM project brings skills for life learning into the driving seat, literally! This resource addresses more

Virtual Worlds - a serious learning contender?

Virtual Worlds are here to stay, saving enterprises millions of pounds; what use will trainers make of them? This resource addresses strategy, platforms and serious games.

Centre for iso9000 Global Delivery of Quality Management

On-line delivery is the answer to world-wide quality management training of consistent quality. This resource is useful if you are getting started, more

Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Blended learning programme helps to deter & detect fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service. This resource addresses strategy, more

ACSs use of 3D virtual environments in corporate learning

Lesson's from global outsourcing company ACS's use of 3D virtual worlds in corporate learning. This resource addresses custom support, learner support and serious games.

More than Instructional Design - course review

Read our independent review of Trainer1's course - for finding out the basics in creating and evaluating self paced content. This resource is more

The Coventry- improving efficiency

Coventry Building Society delivers more learning but at less cost. This resource addresses compliance, custom content, e-assessment, more

Building Foundations for Growth at the Priory Group

How L&D staff at Priory Group used learning technologies to build strong foundations for business growth and save £9 mill over 5 years. This more

New Models for Learning Management

Fiona Leteney provides a birds eye view from the latest e-learning Network event. This resource addresses platforms and LMS.

Meeting the needs of a pan-European network via the Ford Foundation

An insight from LINE on how Ford has met the training needs of their pan-European network of dealers delivering real business benefits. This more

The bottom line impact of success at NCALT

Delivering Key Financial Benefits through e-learning at NCALT for UK Police Forces as part of 'Evidence for Change'. This resource addresses more

Award winning e-learning at Citroen

Award winning rapid e-learning at Citroen saves time and improves productivity. This resource addresses rapid development, gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness and communicating benefits. deliver Infection Control Training

The success of effective marketing strategies promoting a quality product. This resource addresses alignment, motivation, marketing and custom content.

Discovering the IKEA Concept

Discovering the IKEA Concept - a blended learning programme resulting in cost savings of 1.5 Million Euros. This resource addresses compliance, more

Lloyds Banking Group explain how blended delivers benefits

In this Podcast, Mark Shelmerdine describes how their blended learning programme 'Destination PFA', is benefiting Lloyds Banking Group. This more

Lloyds Banking Group delivers more for less

Improving staff morale, lowering staff turnover and reducing costs at Lloyds Banking Group (HBOS). This resource addresses induction, more

Award Winning e-learning at E-FLI

Award Winning e-Learning takes off at E-FLI. This resource addresses custom content, managing change and marketing.

Impact of Leadership at Hammonds Furniture

Great business return from simple learning technology when the CEO gets involved. This resource addresses blended learning, managing change, managers support and involving managers.

Securing global e-learning adoption at Aviva

This award winning project shows how Aviva engaged 16000 learners in 28 countries in just 6 weeks. This resource addresses compliance, custom content and learner engagement.

Environmentally Friendly e-learning at AXA PPP Healthcare

Award winning e-learning for Environmental Management @ AXA PPP healthcare. This resource addresses learner support, compliance and custom content.

Linking Learning to Business - original research 2004

Original research looking at the characteristics of successful e-learning implementations and insights into learner thinking. This resource more

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (1)

The secret of quality virtual classroom delivery: preparation, preparation, preparation. This resource addresses is useful if you are more

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

Pratical hints and tips for on-line classroom tutors from a leading UK expert. This resource addresses social media, collaboration, blended learning and platforms.

Improving sales, delivering value and managing talent at IBM

IBM share practical ideas for harnessing technology, delivering value and managing talent from their own experience. This resource more

The five secrets of instructional design

Clive Shepherd shares 5 'secrets' of great instructional design with Towards Maturity readers. This resource addresses blended learning and social media.

Cable & Wireless Worldwides flexible learning for business advantage

Practical ideas on to ensure learning is responsive to changing business priorities- find out more (+ meet Mike Booth at WOLCE 2010). This more

Launch of 2010-11 Towards Maturity Benchmark survey

L&D must seize the day or risk losing credibility says new Towards Maturity Benchmark Survey

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning

New free e-book to help close the e-learning skills gap from Clive Shepherd and Laura Overton. Ideal for all trainers looking to get to grips with when to use different media

HOW TO work with external e-learning experts

Looking for external experts to support you in your e-learning journey? Take a look at this checklist to help you get best value.

Courses and resources to help you building skills in e-learning

Links to resources, courses and communities to keep your skills up to date ( updated Oct 10) This resource is useful if you are getting started, it addresses blended learning and qualifications.

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