About the Benchmark Centre

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre is an online service that helps organisations get better results, faster from their investment in learning technologies.

Over the years, our research has found that organisations mature in their use of learning technologies consistently report more business benefits. We have identified 6 workstreams of activities that contribute to this success - the Towards Maturity Model.

This Benchmark Centre helps you to compare your results and implementation practices with those that are delivering the best results so that you can learn from their experience and shortcut the journey to your own success.

Throughout this Benchmark Centre we define the term e-learning and /or learning technologies as: "the use of any technology across the learning process, including skills diagnostics, learning delivery, support, management (of learners and content), informal and formal learning'

How does it work?

As a basic user of the centre, you are taken through a structured review process that enables you to review your current results and implementation practices and compare your current levels of performance against others.

You are then presented with your Personalised Report flagging the workstreams where you are strong and those that could do with some improvement to help you accelerate the performance of your learning technologies.

For premium users, you can dig deeper into this report and understand where you stand on 19 individual activity areas within the Towards Maturity Model. You will be provided with recommendations and resources to help you take action which you can then turn into your own personalised action plan.

Getting started

Getting started couldn't be easier - just login and go to My Benchmark.

The review has been divided into 6 sections to make life easier.

There are 6 sections investigating what you want to achieve and what you have achieved so far (L&D strategy context, delivering benefit, making an impact, leveraging technologies, improving skills and overcoming barriers).

Take a look at these and then just start on the sections that you are most interested in.

We recommend that you complete the Delivering benefit and Making an impact section as this will help us compare your current performance with others. Completing the other sections will allow us to personalise our feedback and recommendations to you but won't influence your performance scores

The 6th section- Accelerating performance -is probably the most important area as this focuses on your implementation activities and will help us define your Towards Maturity Index and how to improve it.

Once you have completed the benchmark, go to personalised report and click on generate a report to find out how you compare and what you can do next.