What do people say?

What do people say about the Benchmark Centre?


ʻWe are modernising the way that we think about learning in the council and technology is a critical element. Taking part in the TM Benchmark review gave us a chance to reflect on our strategy and implementation plans. We found the benchmark centre to be very easy to navigate through and the options available are brilliant, especially the Action Planning section. The personalised report helped us refine our approach and provided practical actions that really increased engagement and saved us time. This tool would be especially helpful with providing the senior managers with performance indicators as well as keeping the e-learning team focused on ongoing improvement. I have been trying to use Excel to create a similar approach so that we could actively monitor our plans, this is so much more useful! All relevant elements are in one centralised place. Snr L&D Officer, Lincolnshire CC


The Benchmark Centre Made me reflect on what we weren't planning to do but perhaps should be planning to do! OD advisor, national housing partnership 

The personalised benchmark report we received has provided a framework for learning technology strategy and implementation that I keep coming back to - in essence it has helped me to define my objectives, highlighting areas where we can further develop a culture of learning RNLI

To date over 2,900 organisations have been through our review process: 

"I've found that participating in the research programmes from the Towards Maturity team has always provided a good opportunity to 'take stock'. Their pragmatic approach to benchmarking good practice provides a very useful source of industry information and food for thought" Learning Technologies Manager, Cable&Wireless

I believe this is the best survey I have spent my time on (even though it was a long one). The questions were well thought through and I could for once relate them to my organisation that I support