About Towards Maturity

Introducing the Towards Maturity Community Interest Company

Towards Maturity is an independent, not for profit organisation with a passion for helping others to improve the impact of learning technologies at work. 

Businesses have to continually respond to fast changing economic environments and innovative thinking on behalf of learning and development professionals is essential if they are to meet demands to deliver improved results with less resources. 

The current economic climate is accelerating the demand for change.

Learning technologies have a role to play but over the years organisations have had varied experience. Large investments have been made but often with very little return. However our research has shown that businesses who are mature in their use perceive a positive difference on both their staff and business productivity. 

Our aim at Towards Maturity is to:

  • Provide independent research to identify trends and good practice in the workplace. What is driving change? How can technology support change? How can we develop new learning approaches that will improve business performance?
  • Gather and share good practice and thought leadership within the community so that we can learn from each other (and avoid each other's mistakes!)
  • Proactively influence the wider UK skills agenda to meet business skill's demand more effectively.

Through our website, www.towardsmaturity.org, we provide research and resources to support organisations and individuals who want to learn from each other's experience and influence effective change, both within their own organisation but also within wider skills provision and policy. 

Vision and Values

As an organisation we believe in:

  • Encouraging learning innovation that directly impacts results in the workplace (for organisations and individuals)
  • The power of the community - building on, acknowledging and contributing to collective good practice
  • Supporting the learning and education of others
  • Building transparent, trusted and open relationships with those we work with
  • Encouraging excellence from within
  • Celebrating the successes of others

Who will benefit from Towards Maturity?

  • Anyone new to learning technologies and those looking to improve the return or influence sustainable changes in the workplace.
  • Businesses looking for innovation in skills delivery (large and small, private and public).
  • Learning providers looking to support changing customer needs (both commercial and public sector).
  • Organisations influencing wider agenda's to support the UK's skills needs (such as Sector Skills Councils, and industry and professional associations)

Supporting learning innovation in business

Towards Maturity resources are developed to support anyone looking to implement learning change in their business. After completing a personal profile, individuals can access relevant resources to their situation. Anyone can keep in touch with cases studies, ideas and latest thinking by subscribing to:

  • RSS feeds for hot of the press news.
  • The monthly newsletter
  • The Towards maturity I tunes podcast feed for latest interviews

These resources are free to registered users of www.towardsmaturity.org

Supporting and influencing the wider skills agenda

Towards Maturity started life as an e-skills UK project supported by the Learning and Skills Council to understand how employers can make the best use of learning technologies and to extend that understanding to influence wider policy change. This influencing work continues today. When it comes to influencing a wider UK skills agenda, we firmly believe that businesses, and those supporting businesses on a day to day basis, are in the best position to say what works and what doesn't when it comes to learning technology in the workplace.

For more information go to http://www.towardsmaturity.org/static/about-us/