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L&D: Evolving Roles, Enhancing Skills
15 Apr 2015 - 130.5 KB

Towards Maturity and the CIPD have recently launched a new report L&D Evolving Roles:Enhancing Skills that considers the future direction more

How To: Demonstrate the Value of Learning to Stakeholders
12 Mar 2015 - 384.4 KB

4 recommendations and 6 tactics for demonstrating the value of learning to stakeholders.

In-Focus: Learning Innovation for Leadership Development (2012)
5 Mar 2015 - 2.04 MB

This is the first of a series of reports that dig deeper into the extensive benchmarking data available, looking at:

  • What the data more
  • What the top performers are doing
  • What actions we should take as a result
This report takes a closer look at Learning Innovation in Leadership Development. It uses the research data and a number of case studies to cover:
  • Leaders as learners: their preferences and influence
  • Four innovation ideas for modern leadership programme
  • 19 practical tips from top performers
  • Recommended Resources and References
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9 Fresh Insights for Modernising Leadership Training
3 Mar 2015 - 525.2 KB

Developing the skills of leaders and managers to work in an ever-changing, technology-enabled, virtual world is a constant challenge. The more

Case Study: Worldmark Puts its Stamp on Synchronous E-Learning

Winner: Best use of synchronous e-learning: Worldmark International Worldmark originally developed synchronous e-learning more

Case Study: Thomson Reuters Links Learning to Business Success

Creating a learning experience that not only attracts staff but is also based in the ‘real world' - connecting to the working environment, more

Case Study: Delivering learning excellence at Barnardo’s

Barnardo's won the Charity Learning Award 2011 for the Best overall eLearning programme and went on to win a bronze in The Learning & more

Case Study: Peer to Peer Social Learning in Action at Sante Fe Group

The Santa Fe Group provides services to business to support international growth. Faced with the merger of three companies into one, more

Case Study: Delivering the Kindest Care at HC-One

The blended learning programme that is helping HC-One deliver the kindest care didn't just win the hearts and minds of the eLearning age judges more

2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Finance and Insurance
27 Jan 2015 - 3.21 MB

The 2015 Finance and Insurance Sector Benchmark Report takes a close look at data gathered confidentially from over 44 respondents in the Finance more

2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Professional Services
27 Jan 2015 - 3.38 MB

The 2015 Professional Services Sector Benchmark Report takes a close look at data gathered confidentially from up to 55 respondents in more

2015 Sector Benchmark Report - Energy and Utilities
27 Jan 2015 - 3.47 MB

The 2015 Energy and Utilities Sector Benchmark Report takes a close look at data gathered confidentially from 30 respondents in the Energy more

More Than Blended Learning

New ‘end-to-end' design approach by Clive Shepherd to transform learning interventions and deliver results. To read about the More more

Modernising Learning - TM Benchmark 2014 Executive Summary
12 Nov 2014 - 1.37 MB

We are proud to announce the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study, Modernising Learning: Delivering Results.
This year's Towards more

2014 TM Benchmark – Modernising Learning Delivering Results - Longitudinal trends
11 Nov 2014 - 1.43 MB

This is a complimentary report to the Towards Maturity Benchmark report 2014 - 2015, Modernising Learning Delivering Results. This study more

2014 TM Benchmark - Modernising Learning Delivering Results
23 Jan 2015 - 4.97 MB

TM's 2014 - 15 Benchmark Report will challenge both business leaders' and learning leaders' current perception of learning at work and how it more

In-Focus: Mobile Learning at Work (2014)
2 Oct 2014 - 1.94 MB

Powerful research from nearly 500 hundred organisations shows how mobile technology can be successfully incorporated into the workplace. more

Towards Maturity Global Briefing - Australia and UK June 2014
23 Sep 2014 - 1.64 MB

How does technology-enabled learning in Australasia differ from the UK, and what lessons can we learn from each other?
Our unique more

In-Focus: Talent Optimisation (2014)
23 Sep 2014 - 1.54 MB

New In-Focus report shares nine tips for optimising talent in your organisation. It's clear that talent is at the top of many of today's more

How to guide premium– 8 content marketing tips
14 Jul 2014 - 699.2 KB

Here are 8 lessons from Content Marketing to Help L&D Leaders Engage Time-Starved Learners

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